Car rental conditions at RentacargG&Y Tetouan

The tenant :

Should :

  • Present an original driver’s license with a minimum of 1 year seniority.
  • Present an original valid identity document (national card for Moroccan residents and passport in the case of Moroccans residing abroad and non-Moroccans.
  • Be at least 22 years old.
  • A deposit of 5000Dh.


Art. 1 – USE OF THE CAR.

  • The tenant agrees not to let the car drive by other people than himself or those approved by the rental company and of which he is the guarantor, and to use the vehicle only for his personal needs. It is forbidden to participate in any competition whatsoever, and to use the vehicle for illicit purposes or the transport of goods. The tenant agrees not to directly request customs documents. It is prohibited for the tenant to overload the rented vehicle by transporting a number of passengers higher than that carried on the contract, under penalty of being forfeited from the insurance.


  •  The car is delivered in perfect working order and cleanliness. The meters and their sockets are sealed, and the sinkers cannot be removed or violated under penalty of having to pay the rental on the basis of 500 Kilometers per day. The car will be returned in the same state of cleanliness, otherwise the tenant will have to pay the amount of these cleanings and reconditioned. The 5 tires are in good condition without cuts. Wear is normal. In the event of deterioration of one of them for a cause other than normal wear and tear, the lessee undertakes to replace it immediately with a tire of the same size and with substantially equal wear, or to pay the amount.


  • Gasoline is charged to the customer. The tenant must constantly check the oil and water level, and check the levels of the gearbox and the rear axle every 1000 Kilometers. He will justify this work by corresponding invoices (which will be reimbursed to him) on pain of having to pay compensation for abnormal wear.


  • Normal mechanical wear is the responsibility of the renter. All repairs resulting from either abnormal wear or negligence on the part of the tenant or from an accidental cause, will be at his expense and executed by us. In the event that the vehicle is immobilized outside the region, repairs, whether due to normal wear or to an accidental cause, will only be carried out after telegraphic agreement from the lessor or by the regional agent of the vehicle brand. They must be the subject of a paid invoice, and very detailed. Defective parts must be presented with the invoice paid.
  • Under no circumstances and under any circumstances, the tenant can not claim damages. Either for delay in handing over the car, or cancellation of
    the rental, or for immobilization in the case of repairs necessitated by normal wear and tear and carried out during the rental. The responsibility of the renter can never be invoked, even in the event of accidents to persons or things that may have resulted from a defect or previous construction or repair defect.


The customer has noted that it is guaranteed, according to the general conditions of the insurance policies contracted by RENTA CAR G.Y and that it declares that it is fully aware of the guaranteed policy:

  1.  Unlimited third party insurance.
  2. Vehicle insurance against theft, fire and civil liability are not included in this guarantee. Clothing accessories and all objects inside the car, the trunk, or on the roof rack for which the customer remains his own insurer RENTA CAR GY guarantees insurance against theft of the car in the event that the tenant presents a declaration justified by the authorities.
  3. The costs of repatriation and immobilization always remain the responsibility of the tenant, whatever the insurance formula contracted.
  4. The tenant undertakes to declare to the lessor, within 48 hours and immediately to the police authorities, any accident, theft and fire, even partial, on pain of being forfeited from the benefit of the insurance, His declaration must obligatorily mention : the circumstances, the date, the place and the time, the number or the name of the agent, the address of witnesses, as well as the number of the opponent’s car. If necessary, he will attach to this declaration any police or gendarmerie report or bailiff’s report. If it has been established, I shall in no case discuss the responsibility or treat or compromise with third parties in relation to the accident. He will pay compensation for damage to the car during the entire period of the immobilization resulting from abnormal wear or accident.
  5. In the event of a lump-sum accident, the price of vehicle damage is payable by the tenant.
  6. In the event of a total overhaul of the vehicle due to an accident, the tenant pays a daily allowance according to our tariff, and this from the day on which he committed the accident until the day on which the compensation was settled by the company d ‘insurance.

Finally, there is no insurance for any driver who does not have a valid license or a license dated less than 1 year.

The rental company declines all responsibility for accidents to third parties or damage to the car that the tenant could cause during the rental period if the tenant has deliberately provided the renter with false information concerning his compensation, his address or the validity of his driving license .


  • The rental prices, as well as the deposit, are determined by the rates in force and payable in advance. The deposit may not be used, in any case for an extension of the rental. agreement of the lessor, send the amount of the current rental, under penalty of exposing yourself to prosecution for car hijacking, or breach of trust.
  • The rental day counts from Q hour to 24 hours any day started is due in full.


  • The tenant is formally prohibited from abandoning the vehicle.
    In the event of material impossibility, this will be repatriated for the purposes and by the care of the tenant, the rental remaining due until the return of the vehicle,

Art. 8 – CAR PAPERS.

  • The tenant will give at the end of the rental and at the start of the return of the car, the car registration document and all the documents necessary for its circulation, failing which, these parts being essential for new rentals, the rental will continue to be invoiced to initial price until handed over to the company. In case of loss of these papers the tenant will have to pay the amount of duplicate costs and those of immobilization.

Art. 9 – Responsibility.

  • The tenant remains solely responsible for the fines. tickets and tickets issued against him.


  • By express agreement and in the event of any dispute, the court of Tétouan will have sole jurisdiction. the costs of stamps and registration remaining the responsibility of the tenant.